Geek Fashion: Batman & Supergirl Swimsuits Plus Reversible Wonder Woman & Superman T-Shirts

I have mixed feelings about the retailer Spencer’s. On one hand, they sell shirts and hats with tasteless or just embarrassingly lame stuff on them. On the other hand, they also sell awesomely geeky fashions for both men and women. Despite my mixed feelings, I couldn’t help but take a look at some of the geeky swimwear they are currently offering. I even ended up buying one for myself! Check them out below:

Batman Bandeau 2-Piece Bikini

Batman Monokini Swimsuit

Batman Boom Monokini Swimsuit07264286.interactive.a
07264286.interactive.bThis is the one I ended up buying for myself! I love the other Batman monokini too, but this one is so different and fun! I can’t wait to wear it. Should I do a review of it I wonder?

Supergirl Printed Triangle Bikini02672582.interactive.a

Next up is a complete 180 from swimsuits: long-sleeve t-shirts. They are worth sharing though because they are reversible! They look pretty comfy, too.

Wonder Woman Reversible Long Sleeve Tee

Superman Reversible Long Sleeve Tee