Beauty Geek: Nail Wraps by Espionage Cosmetics Now Available Online

Espionage Cosmetics had already been offering geeky cosmetics, but last year they ran a Kickstarter to bring us geeky nail wraps. I was able to try them last year out and I LOVED them. I am so excited to share that these geeky nail wraps are now available online for purchase! Check out some photos of what they offer below: harlequin_espionage_cosmetics tentacles_robithero comic_book_heatherthebird turtles_lg_1 nebulae_lg

There’s these nail wraps and much more on the Espionage Cosmetics website. I need to get paid ASAP so I can buy all the wraps!


  • Joie_Fatale

    Those Harley and TMNT ones are fantastic!

    • Crystal Lynn

      I purchased the TMNT ones at Comikaze last year! They’re great. Not sure about online orders, but they came with googly eyes at the time, haha.