Geek Fashion: Wonder Woman & Batman Swimwear from Pinup Girl Clothing

It was so warm and gorgeous outside today that it felt like fate when I saw Pinup Girl Clothing post about their new superhero swimsuits. Summer is so close, and in some places it’s already warm enough to consider dipping into a pool to cool off. It’s hard to say which of these swimsuits is my favorite, but I do feel myself a bit drawn to the ruffle Batman bikini! Check all the swimsuits out below:

Wonder Woman Two-Piece Bikini Setig-dc14ww4799-rd_01


Wonder Woman One-Shoulder Swimsuitig-dc14ww170-rd_01


Wonder Woman Graphic One Piece Swimsuitig-dc14ww172-bk_01_1


Batman Triangle Bikiniig-dc14bp3997-bk_01


Batman Ruffle Bikiniig-dc14bg4876-bk_01

  • Ari Carr

    I love the Batman bikini!

  • Joie_Fatale

    I like the one-shoulder and two-piece Wonder Woman suits! How to decide one just one though…decisions, decisions!

  • gamerwife

    That one shoulder Wonder Woman suit is the hotness!

  • Victoria

    isn’t that Wonder Woman one-piece from Hot Topic, just with the back laces taken out…?

    • Crystal Clark

      I must have missed the Hot Topic one (admittedly I’ve been pretty busy the past few months), so I’m not too sure. I tried looking for it on the HT website but I think it may be gone already!