The Site is BACK / Gaming Controller Leggings by Jeffie

YAY! On my social networks I mentioned that I accidentally deleted my posts and was working on restoring the posts and the site (I literally deleted EVERYTHING by accident – long day, don’t ask :P). Well, I restored it! Woohoo! I’ll be back to posting again. 🙂

And so this post isn’t just totally random, did you know has  amazing controller leggings available? Did you also know that they are CRAZY affordable?! They are amazing. <3 There is also a crazy sale going on for his other leggings – only $20 each! I can attest to their quality as I own a few myself.

Controller LeggingsGamer / Gaming Controller Leggings by Jeffie.com


  • Neri

    My goodness, I would freak if I did something like that! I’m glad to hear that you got it all sorted, though 🙂

    Wow, I was definitely not expecting such an affordable pricetag on those leggings! Usually when I see awesome gamer inspired clothing, the designer seems to want you to choose between their product or the latest game you have your eye on. Three guesses what one always wins for me? 😛

  • Joie Fatale

    Glad you got your posts back.
    And you’re right: those leggings are wicked affordable! (And super cute!)
    Its insane how expensive leggings have become (to me it is at least).